Membership in the Massachusetts Community & Banking Council (MCBC) is open to all Massachusetts not-for-profit, community-based organizations and quasi-public and public agencies. Organizations and agencies interested in becoming a community partner of MCBC should contact Tom Callahan at


Membership Benefits

Participation in MCBC can help enhance an organization’s programs by:

  • Providing opportunities for staff to meet regularly with local bankers and other community representatives. Community representatives who attend MCBC committee meetings get to discuss community investment programs with bank officials and listen to the concerns and recommendations of other community advocates, all in a low-key, collegial setting.  A great opportunity to build relationships.
  • Keeping staff informed about state and local community development programs.  Representatives from state and municipal programs; public, quasi-public and regulatory agencies; and community based organizations are regularly invited to speak at MCBC committee meetings.  Community representatives who attend committee meeting, or who just receive committee minutes, can hear first hand about program changes and new initiatives.
  • Supporting MCBC’s research on mortgage and small business lending patterns.  MCBC’s annual reports – Patterns of Small Business Lending and Changing Patterns – provide bankers and community-based organizations with solid, detailed information on lending patterns.  Community-based organizations especially appreciate the availability of data on local lending and how it compares with other areas.
  • Providing staff with a forum for emerging community development issues.  Bankers and community representatives both use MCBC’s committee meetings as a place to raise new concerns, to compare local experiences and to share information on successful program strategies.
  • Lending support for and helping to develop important community development initiatives such as Basic Banking for Massachusetts and Banking Partners.  Community advocates play an important role in the development of MCBC programs and community support helps to encourage bank participation.

Participating in MCBC Activities

Community partners are invited to sign up staff for any or all of MCBC’s committees, depending on the organization’s areas of interest.  Staff on the committee distribution lists can attend meetings or simply receive committee minutes and mailings.  Community partners also receive copies of all MCBC reports and publications.


Becoming a Member Community Partner

Organizations and agencies interested in becoming a community partner of MCBC should contact Tom Callahan at


Current Member Community Partners: