MCBC’s Small Business Lending Roundtable

Roundtables are open meetings held throughout the year on a variety of topics related to mortgage and small business lending trends. At our roundtables, you can network with those who share similar interests or responsibilities and discuss topics related to your industry. Each roundtable is facilitated by MCBC co-chairs and staff as well as attendees who volunteer to lead the discussion. These sessions are designed to encourage an informal and collegial exchange of experiences and insights. Membership in MCBC is encouraged to help sustain our efforts, but is not a requirement to attend roundtable meetings.


Charles Smith, Senior Vice President, SBA Specialist, Eastern Bank

MCBC is currently looking for a Community Partner to co-chair the Small Business Lending Roundtable. Interested? Please contact us for more information. 


The Small Business Lending Roundtable brings together financial institutions, small business assistance providers, city and state agencies and others to promote the economic revitalization of low- and moderate-income communities in Massachusetts by providing insight, ideas and information designed to encourage small business lending.

The Small Business Lending Roundtable hosts open meetings throughout the year on a variety of topics from underwriting approaches to small business lending trends in the Commonwealth. Membership in MCBC is encouraged, but not a requirement to attend meetings.

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2021 Meeting Dates & Location

Meetings will be held from 12-1:30pm on the following dates:


Publications & Online Data Tool

In March 2019, the Roundtable released MCBC’s 20th study of small business lending patterns. The report, Small Business Lending in Massachusetts 2008-2017, authored by BankMaps, provides an analysis of 2017 small business lending across the state with an emphasis on lower-income and traditionally underserved areas. The report also reviews changes in economic conditions and other factors that effect small business lending.

In addition, MCBC launched a new online platform – the Massachusetts Small Business Loan Data Project – that serves as a companion to the most recent report. The Massachusetts Small Business Loan Data Project provides an online data service with interactive access to maps and charts from six (6) national databases related to the subject of small business lending in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Small Business Loan Data Project was developed by BankMaps.

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